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Combining dance instructions with a fairy-tale like story, this DVD offers kids an enjoyably different way to learn dance steps as well as get some indoor exercise. Although not a big budget project, the DVD does present a fun story about a group of kids who wind up inside a magical music box where they must learn a variety of dance steps in order of break a spell. In the process, the kids in the story (and at home) learn a number of different dance styles. While the dancing is more accomplished than the acting, it still makes for entertaining, and interactive, family viewing. The production is the brainchild of Benedicte Schoyen. A longtime choreography and dance teacher, Schoyen has operated the Santa Monica Dance Studio for around a dozen years. Her goal with this DVD is to help in the nation’s battle with childhood obesity by getting kids more active through dance. Moreover, Schoyen’s Born To Play Production will make a 10% donation from every DVD sale to Operation Smile, the worldwide charity that provides free reconstructive surgery to children with facial deformities.

Michael Berick
LA Parent Calendar Editor




Dance Classes!

Check out the Fall 2011/Winter 2012 schedule of dance classes at Born to Play (formerly Santa Monica Dance Studio)!

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Check out Born To Play's partner Stein Gausereide
and the technology we used to shoot Music Box.

Born To Play Productions presents
"The Music Box - Dance DVD, A Dance Along Fairytale for children"

Adrift In The Desert — Documentary

While teaching ballet at her studio, Benedicte Schoyen is taking the time to make a documentary. She traveled to Africa to film it and, now that she is back, she’s raising money to edit it. Any help is highly appreciated and the final gross will all go back to the Nomads who appear in the documentary.

To support this project please visit http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/adrift-in-the-desert/x/1182555

Dro for å danse - Kamille.no

Norge ble for lite for Benedicte Schøyens (44) store ambisjoner. Hun dro til USA og startet et av Los Angeles' største dansestudioer.

Chassé, chassé and plié! Benedicte Schøyens ballettkommandoer siver ut gjennom døra som står på gløtt. Utenfor skinner sola over Santa Monica, og innenfor kan vi skimte lange legger og grasiøse bevegelser. – Dere må gjerne være med å danse dere også, smiler hun mot oss mens hun tar en piruett over gulvet. Elevene følger nøye med, før de en etter en snurrer etter den norske danseinstruktøren.

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